Lorena Galeano


Lorena is an internationally renowned teacher and performer. She stands out for her charisma, the flow in her performance, her exquisite musicality and grasping expression. As a particularly versatile dancer Lorena combines tradition with modernity, always keeping the spirit of oriental dance alive - regardless of whether she dances classical oriental, folklore or fusion. Her performances reflect her profound education in ballet as well as her vast knowledge about oriental dance and culture. In 2014 Lorena was honored with the Halima Award for her art and continued dedication to the oriental dance - article (only in German).

In the classroom Lorena is a supportive and encouraging teacher, always applying a carefully structured methodology - attributes which make her one of the most sought-after teachers these days in Europe, and not only! Since 2017 Lorena is also part of the teachers' staff in Cairo Khan Festival in Egypt. A huge recognition for her knowledge and dance art. Moreover since 2016 is Lorena part of Nesma's "Al-Andalus Dance Company" and has taken part in two of Nesma's latest productions: "Muwashahat" and "Enta Omri".

Lorena holds a university degree in dance with a mention in ballet pedagogy and a DAS (diploma of advanced studies) in Dance Cultures from the University of Bern. She is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Dance/Performance Studies also from the University of Bern.

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